Sixth Form: Creating Futures

Our Commitment to Success

Thank you for your interest in the Heart of England Sixth Form.  

We firmly believe we offer tremendous opportunities to every student to fulfill his or her potential.  The Sixth Form Tutor team offer guidance and help whenever needed.  You, as a student, will be encouraged to work diligently, develop independence, self-confidence and an awareness of others and in return we expect a high level of responsibility and commitment in the Sixth Form Centre, school and community.

What our students say...

As part of our process of continual improvement we ask students to feedback to us through an anonymous questionnaire. This is what they have to say:

  • "This is a place where you are treated like an adult and fully independent, whilst having the much needed support system"
  • "I'm very glad I chose to move from my original school- I've really enjoyed it here :)"
  • "I think this sixth form offers the best opportunities a student could ask for. Ultimately the support offered here is great... and Form tutors provide excellent services. Heart of England offers an all round student experience."
  • "Absolutely loved every second of it."


With a success rate of 55% A*-B pass rate, 96% of our students last year went to their first choice of University.


Sarah Joy Marshall

Name: Sarah Joy Marshall
Studied: Maths, Psychology, French, Biology
Achieved: A* A* A A

What I’m doing now:

Studying BSc Education at the University of Southampton

How Heart of England helped me:

Heart of England always gave me the freedom to take roles of responsibility within school, set up various groups and share my opinion on things which matter to me. This nurtured my creative pro-activity and gave me confidence as a leader - characteristics which will hopefully be put to good use in my future teaching career!

Kelly Rees

Name: Kelly Rees
Studied: Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics and History (AS)
Achieved: A* A* A* A A

What I’m doing now:

Studying Chemistry (MChem with 6 month placement) at the University of Southampton.

How Heart of England helped me:

Heart of England allowed me to continue my studies in subjects that interested me whilst also allowing me to get involved in other activities such as sport and being on the charity committee. The support given by members of staff academically and throughout the UCAS process helped me to choose a course and university that suited me and I’m thoroughly enjoying pursuing my interest in Chemistry.

Choosing Sixth Form

In year 11 you will be making important choices about your future education and training. The range of qualifications and courses available to post-16 is wider than ever before. This enables you to choose programmes that meet your needs and allow you to progress into higher education, employment or further training. Click here for more information...


Application Forms

Please download our Application Forms, including Option Blocks:-

Student and Parent Parking Around School

No Parking signWe ask that students and parents/carers park with consideration for our neighbours.  Please do not park on grass verges as it damages them, or on pavements which blocks pedestrian access.

Please do not park across any part of a dipped kerb, particularly in Laurels Cresent where the kerb is dipped on both sides of the road to provide pedestrian and disabled access to the crossing.