Careers and Futures

From the moment they walk through the doors at Heart of England School we aim to offer all of our students inspirational opportunities to secure the brightest of futures.

Key Stage 3

We encourage all of our students to start thinking about their future as soon as they walk through the Heart of England doors in Year 7. In Years 7 and 8 the students will receive an assembly led by Mr Taylor (Safer Futures Coordinator) and Esta Leawal (Careers Advisor). The assembly has two main aims;

In Year 9 we aim to provide the students with as much help as possible when choosing their GCSE options. The students will receive an assembly led by Mr Taylor and Esta Leawal, which aims to provide the students with a holistic view to options and possible destinations their Key Stage 4 choices may take them. In addition to this, all students will take part in a series of assemblies designed to offer an insight into subject areas which they have not encountered at Key Stage 3. Parent/carers will be invited to an evening event which will provide them with all the relevant information around the options process. Year 9 parents evening also provides an excellent platform for parents/carers to book appointment with potential option subjects and find out all key information.

Key Stage 4

In Year 10 the students are settling into their GCSE subjects and begin the two year process towards their exams. The students will receive an assembly led by Mr Taylor and Esta Leawal, which aims to provide the students with information about further education and post 16 options that are available. Some students are offered an early careers interview to ensure their post 16 destination is clear. Towards the end of the year students complete a ‘Thinking Ahead’ questionnaire which is used to inform and offer personalised careers provision during Year 11.

Understanding that Year 11 is an extremely important year we aim to provide our students with poignant information and events that will have a positive impact on their future. Each student will be offered a personalised careers session that will help with planning and preparation for the next step in life’s journey. There are a number of assemblies across the year which are delivered by Esta Leawal and different guest speakers to help inform our students about options relating to their future.

As a school we also run a trip to the World Skills Show at the NEC, which is an outstanding opportunity for students to explore possible routes after Key Stage 4. Parents are invited to attend an information evening based around Apprenticeships presented by Esta Leawal and Mr Taylor.

To ensure that students are equipped for the post 16 world we undertake a Mock Interview process. A wide range of highly skilled professionals from different industries are invited to help our students and provide them with a realistic interview and in depth feedback. We have found this to be extremely beneficial to all students.

Key Stage 5

Students are encouraged to attend Open Days for universities they are interested in. We book students to go to Birmingham University Open Day in June as a whole year group.

Careers interviews are available to assist students in making decisions about `What’s Next’. Students are able to talk to their Form Tutor on their future plans as well as talking to Mrs Davis (Associate Director: Post 16) who can direct them to various websites, literature we have available. Vacancies/information are/is displayed in the Sixth Form study area for students looking for work/apprenticeships, as well as University Open Days. A week of work experience in July is allocated to Year 12 students to enable students to try the careers they might be interested in. We have found that in Year 12 the students are able to make informed decisions about work experience that have significant benefits to their future.

Useful Links

How to research and generate career ideas using the National Career web site: