Work Experience

How do you know if you would really like to be an engineer, solicitor or advertising executive? You may have attended some work experience in lower school but the access you had to different jobs may have been limited because of your age. Now you are studying A-Levels, companies and professionals know that you are seriously considering their profession so they are more likely to accept you for some work experience.

When do you go?

We offer a work experience week in the Summer Term of Year 12 which is arranged by students themselves. We also encourage students to arrange work experience during the holiday time. In the long summer holidays work experience is a good use of free time and fewer students think to approach companies during school holidays.

Why work experience?

Universities look for work experience in your personal statement and some courses insist on it.  It can help you decide whether your course leads to the type of work you want to go into. It also demonstrates a commitment to your chosen subject of interest.  The reference the placement gives you can be used by us to include details in your UCAS or employment reference.

Employers look favourably on students who have gained work experience and may use it as a differentiating factor between candidates of equal merit. 

Some places that our students have attended work experience: