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There are opportunites to take part in various musical groups and productions in school.

Musical Groups

From Soul Band to Chamber Choir and Orchestra to Jazz Band - there is a group for you whatever your musical taste.

Concerts take place throughout the year, both in school and at external venues, giving a great experience for both the beginner and more experienced performer.  School bands have enjoyed performances at the world famous Cavern Club, and smaller ensembles have entertained at local community events.

Musical Productions

There is also a major musical production every year and the Sixth Form take many of the leads and contribute greatly! In the past there have put on a varitey of shows including:


Ellie Reeves writes about playing Jan in our production of Grease

How do I sum up an experience that involved so much hard work, happiness, laughter, tears, friendships, joking, yelling and even fainting at one point. I asked around my fellow cast members and they came up with words such as “phenomenal”,” incredible”,” amazing”,” ecstatic”… So what was it like to be a part of this remarkable show?

Starting with rehearsals, it wasn’t always plain sailing with one of the biggest casts we’ve ever had. Our director had to resort to standing on tables and chairs just to be seen over the chorus! After months of going left instead of right, singing ‘Ramamlamalama’ when we should have been ‘Boogieboogie-ing’ and dodgy harmonies, we made it to opening night. Opening night is always expected to go slightly wrong but, in fact, opening night was perhaps the best of them all. No cues were missed, the dances when perfect and to the surprise of all of us, there wasn’t an off key harmony throughout! The entire cast was left ecstatic, desperate to perform the next shows but sadly anticipating the end of the musical for another year.

It was an absolutely incredible show that I am so proud to have been a part of. I've made some incredible new friends and it was the experience of a life time.

Inspiring Others

I have assisted in Year 9 music lessons throughout my time in the Sixth form. As someone with a passion for music, this has been an opportunity not only to aid musical development in talented individuals, but also to inspire those who may not have considered either music as an option for GCSE or taking up an instrument. It has been a rewarding and interesting experience seeing students that I have taught develop and build their confidence to be able to perform to their peers,  after declaring they  ‘couldn’t perform’!   For those who have a passion for music, whether for performance, composition or just the challenge of playing a difficult piece, I would recommend assisting in a music class. Not all students have a natural musical ability but there is nothing more rewarding that seeing your own passion reflected in the students you have taught.

Phillip Hickson



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