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We train Sixth Form students who volunteer to meet with Lower School students who need help to settle in, or with their organisation or reading.

Our Mentors meet their students once or twice a week.

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What you get:

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One of our Mentors writes:

As a mentor I have met regularly with students that have needed additional support in various aspects of their life. During discussions it is important for me to listen and to help individuals identify problems that are preventing them from achieving their potential and making them unhappy. One of the techniques I have used isto try to get students to take small steps to try to get them to gradually overcome their fears. For example I would encourage them to put their hand up in class to overcome low self esteem or encourage them to talk to family members if there was an issue at home. We would then discuss the outcome at our next session, how they felt, how maybe it could have gone better and how they may do things differently next time. I always try to make myself available, approachable and a good listener.

Mentees say...

We have great success in helping students - here are some of their comments:

“I like school now I have a mentor”

“My reading got much better after Lisa had helped me in Year 7”

“I felt like I had a big sister looking after me”

“I want to go to Sixth Form now I know that they are so nice”