60th Anniversary Celebrations - Uniform Update

I thought it would be timely to outline our plans for a change to the school tie and badge from September 2018.  As part of our 60th Anniversary celebrations and following consultation with key groups at school, we will be issuing all students who will be returning to our main school to Years 8 to 11 with a new look, house specific school tie free of charge. 

These ties will be issued towards the end of the summer term in readiness for September.  The ties and plain white shirt will remain optional for female students in these year groups until September 2019.  Similarly our re-designed school badge will be available to purchase both on school blazers and separately enabling replacement of old badges on existing blazers.  Once again we will phase this in with all students being expected to wear the new badge by September 2019.

Our incoming Year 7 students will lead the way with everyone wearing the new tie, white shirt and new badge.

The changes reflect the importance of House Identity and are a fitting 60th anniversary gift in that the logo harks back to the original design, linking with the past whilst looking to the future.

Jacqueline Hughes-Williams


Main School Uniform

Heart of England school main school uniform

School House Ties

Heart of England main school House ties

Blazer Badge

Heart of England School blazer badge