Prefects’ Ties

At a series of Success Assemblies given by Lead House Tutors, students have been given awards and recognition for their achievements and prefects have been awarded newly designed ties.

Each of our four Houses, Apollo, Phoenix, Pioneer and Voyager award House Points to individuals who do well, who regularly put into practice our school’s core values or who represent their house in an inter-house event such as the Mission Mile.  The Success Assemblies afford us the opportunity to celebrate the exemplary efforts of many of our students.

All houses also have Prefects who are awarded a special tie so that others can recognise them if they need help.  This year, the ties have a brand-new design.

Prefect tie worn by studentSchool Prefects undertake particular duties, at social times and at bus time and represent our school values.  They are available for public roles which can include presenting at assemblies or supporting community events.

Prefects have to apply for the post which begins a process of interviews and training in order to take up this high-profile role within school.  A panel consisting of the Lead House Tutor, House Pastoral Manager and Assistant Principal Mr Livingstone, will select the outstanding candidates to become Prefects.  “The ambassadorial role of Prefects is key and they are a forum for students to make a difference.  They bring opinions and issues to the attention of the school leadership team,” said Mr Livingstone, “and in doing so help to make a positive difference to the school life experience”

The new ties make it clear where students can go if they need help and they highlight the distinctiveness of being a good role model for all.