Year 11 Mock Exams Assembly

Exams are very much on the minds of our Year 11 students.  With forthcoming mocks and then the final summer exams on the horizon, a special assembly offering tips and advice about exams, the mocks and revision has been given to help them.

Vice-Principal Mr Bennett began the presentation by reminding the students of how close the exams are and that some students, particularly those doing art and art photography, will be starting their mocks this week.

Mr Bennett presenting exams advice“Many students start off Year 10 very enthusiastically,” said Mr Bennett, “‘This is the one that counts’ they say, and then the enthusiasm can fade a little.  Now, in Year 11, this is when it really counts.”  He went on to say that the reasons why mocks really count is that they tell teachers how well students are doing and what topic areas an individual needs to work on.  “It’s also a chance for you to check if you’re doing enough revision.”



Effective revision slide“Actively going back over stuff is what makes you remember things,” said Mr Bennett.  Research on memory has shown that repetition and going over material makes permanent connections in our brain which ensures good recall.  “Little and often is the key to revision.  Go back, test yourself and revise what you haven’t retained!”

The Mocks

Morning routines slideAs well as a good opportunity to test subject knowledge, the mocks are also a chance to experience what the actual GCSE exams will be like.  Knowing where to be, how to find your seat and what to bring are all ways of reducing stress and make it easier to focus on doing well on the day.  “Mocks will help you to learn the routine.  It’s all to help reduce stress – so you’ll know what to do in the real thing,” said Mr Bennett.

Finally, Mr Bennett reminded students of how important it is to sleep well and to have a good, healthy breakfast: “Get eight hours of sleep and always have breakfast which includes slow-release carbohydrates like porridge or wholegrain bread.  Your brain will work better and you’ll feel less stressed.”

Top Tips

  • Revise effectively:
    • Short, manageable chunks
    • Take breaks
    • Know when to stop
  • Look after your brain:
    • Stay hydrated
    • Get enough sleep
    • Have a good breakfast
  • Preparation:
    • Know which exams you are taking
    • Moring exams start at 9:00am - arrive by 8:45!
    • Bags, coats, phones or smart watches are not allowed

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