All Different, All Equal

This week is Anti-Bullying Week and all this week Mr Taylor is leading House assemblies on the theme of bullying.

Starting with reminding the students of last year’s theme, “Don’t be a by-stander”, Mr Taylor introduced the 2017 strapline, “All Different, All Equal” from the Anti-Bullying Alliance.  He spoke about how important it is to celebrate difference: “’Celebrate, not hate,’ is what we should aim for.” 

Mr Taylor Leads the assemblyThe Pastoral Manager for the House also spoke to say that they have to deal with the effects of bullying when people do and say mean things without thinking. 

“Bullying can show itself in different ways,” said Mr Taylor.  “Physical, social, verbal and cyber, with some being more obvious to see than others.  But they are all bullying and have a terrible effect on someone and when we see it, we need to help by reporting it.” 

What can we do about it?Mr Taylor discussed what it meant to be different and asked: “What is normal anyway?  We are all unique, all different and the one thing we all have in common is that we are not born to hate people.”

What does it mean to be different?Finally, Mr Taylor reminded everyone that Bullying was a non-negotiable in our school and that we have great school values which model how to be with each other and care for one another.  “Honesty, Determination, Courage, Humour and Kindness are all ways to eliminate bullying,” he said.  “Celebrate, not hate!  We are all different, celebrate our difference.”