Beastly Talk from Author Ann Evans

Book Club hosted a library event with a special visit from author Ann Evans this week where she spoke to students about her work and read extracts from her latest book.

The event was open to all and Ann talked to students in the Library about her award-winning Beast series of books which tells the tale of a mysterious creature from the “Valley of the Shadows” in Scotland.

Author Ann Evans“It was a very enjoyable event and the Book Club enjoyed meeting the local author,” said school librarian Kirsty Kinmond.  Students were taken through the process of how to be an author, from the initial inspiration of ideas to publication.

Ann involved the students throughout her talk and they listened attentively when she read an excerpt from her most recent novel Celeste which is a haunting mystery, set partly in present day and partly in the past.

“I’ve set it in my own home city of Coventry, and had fun mingling fact and fiction to create a time-slip story,” said Ann. 

Book coversToward the end of the visit, Ann took part in a question and answer session before completing her visit by signing a selection of her books.

Mrs Kinmond said: “This kind of event inspires our students to have the confidence to enjoy writing and maybe even consider a career as a writer!”