Open Evening

People began arriving well before the official starting time for Our Open Evening this week and there were large gatherings for both of the presentations by the Principal Jacqueline Hughes-Williams.

The presentation event started with Vice Principal Gethyn Bennett welcoming everyone and introducing our Head Boy and Head Girl who spoke about their experience of life at Heart of England.

The chair of governors, Anne Lycett also addressed the audience and talked about the governors’ dedication to providing the best learning experience for students.  Key issues for the governing body are listening to students, staff and parents and providing targeted investment in the environment to enhance resources and improve outcomes.

Open EveningHead Girl, Olivier O’Rourke and Head Boy, Oliver Schiffmann gave their thoughts on their experience as students.  “The core values of our school are creating a lasting impact on me and I apply them in other aspects of my life outside school,” said Olivia.  “I have created my own future; I have learnt some vital lessons at Heart of England, about the world and how it works and also about myself.”

Oliver, Head Boy, is impressed by the value that staff seem to put on listening to students: “One thing that makes Heart of England School stand out to me is the way that the staff seek out and listen to students.  The staff are dedicated to helping you to achieve your aspirations.”

When Principal Miss Hughes-Williams spoke, she began by reflecting on what Aristotle said about choice: “Choice, not chance, determines’ your destiny.”  She said that those present, are here to determine if Heart of England School is right for them and that from all the choice available the question is; “why choose us?”

Making the best of choosing Heart of England means committing to a relationship with us.  Miss Hughes-Williams invited the audience to walk around and experience the school, judge the warmth of the welcome and see how our students and staff interact.  “Is this a place you could enter into partnership with?” she asks.

Heart of England have retained a broad and balanced curriculum and have capitalised on the opportunity to replace Key Stage 3 levels with a cutting-edge model of assessment.  Students have a real choice at the end of Year 9, “…but we hold true to our educational principals about an all-round education,” said Miss Hughes-Williams.

Core ValuesCentral to the ethos of the school are the core values of Courage, Kindness, Determination Honesty and Humour.  In particular there is a focus on kindness because it is characterised by generosity, understanding and the ability to stick at what is difficult.  Speaking about these values the Principal said: “Our core values relate to both the visible and the invisible ethos that will hopefully linger with you after your visit.”

In the final part of her speech, Miss Hughes-Williams said: “Everything we strive for here is by design and that means on purpose – with intent.  Our shared vision at Heart of England is that of Creating Futures in a values-driven culture.”

The new 2017/18 prospectus was also launched and is available electronically from our website or by contacting school.