New Start at Beginning of 60th Year

Our new term began with the whole school meeting in the Sports Hall for the first assembly of the year.  Every student from the new Year 7 students to our Year 13s assembled whilst Hannah C played the piano.

Vice-Principal, Gethyn Bennett was the first to welcome everyone and to introduce Anne Lycett, our Chair of Governors.

Mrs Lycett gave a special welcome to all our new students and to new members of staff.  She spoke about how much there was to celebrate with our very successful A Level results and good GCSE results: "Congratulations are in order for our A Level and GCSE students who have done well and have been rewarded for their hard work,” said Mrs Lycett.

Refurbished classroomListing some of the improvements made over the summer, Mrs Lycett mentioned how important it was to create the best possible environment for students to learn in.  “Many classrooms have been improved and we have a programme to upgrade them all,” she said.  “We also responded to feedback from Sixth Form students and made some changes to their environment too.” 

The new Head Boy and Head Girl also spoke, introducing themselves and giving their thoughts for the year ahead.  “You can stand still and watch the world pass by or you can lace up your trainers and join in the race,” said Head Boy Oliver Schiffmann as he spoke about change.  “I encourage you all to look for your own opportunities to improve not only this academic year, but in the years beyond.”

Head Girl Olivia O’Rourke said that growth is not just about becoming taller, it is also broadening our understanding and ability.  “If we don’t change, we will not reach our full potential.  Who would want to settle for anything less than the best?”  Olivia said that by accepting our school core values we bring about change; we grow and others around us grow.  “Heart of England is a building block and I encourage you all to embrace every opportunity to grow.”

After a beautiful musical performance on classical guitar by Hollie A, Year 10, Mr Bennett also took up the theme of change, reading the poem Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Maya Angelou.  He said: "Change can be scary, no matter how confident we may be."  Everyone should be encouraged to take on new change.

AssemblyOur Principal Jacqueline Hughes-Williams drew the assembly to a close by saying that it is good to expect more from ourselves and that “as we change we learn, as we learn we change.”  She said that we can’t let fear or other people limit us and that we should make the most of everything that Heart of England offers.  “See yourselves spiralling upwards in a continuous process of change.  In this Diamond Jubilee year, let us dedicate ourselves to do better than ever!”