High on a Hill...

Some of our students have been reliving memories of out recent production of The Sound of Music in a visit to Austria this term.

After a morning of lessons, the party set off at 1pm on their 24 hour trek across Europe.  Travelling through France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany the group arrived in Austria at 2pm the next day.  The performers took the opportunity to sing during the journey to help the hours pass more quickly!

Choir performance in Austria 2017The group of 40 Heart of England students consisted of members of our various school choirs and the trip incorporated three concert performances in Salzburg, St Gilgen and Filzmoos.  Audiences included locals and tourists from as far away as the United States.  “We also managed to squeeze in a visit to Werfen Ice Cave, which was quite a trek up a mountain and a trip down Hallein salt mines where we tasted the water with 28% salt content,” said Mrs Henton.

Each travel group donned their bandanas in true Sound of Music fashion to complete a tour around all the locations used in the famous film.  “We also skipped down the same path taken by Maria as she sang, ‘I have confidence’ during the film,” said Mrs Henton. “Our guide was impressed we knew the songs so well!”

Choir performance in Austria 2017“A huge thank you also to Balsall Commons Lions,” said Mrs Henton.  “They kindly provided funds to allow some of our students to take part in this experience who otherwise would not have been able to.”

It all sounds like a very harmonious trip, which took place from 7-13 July, with singing at every opportunity!  Mrs Henton commented on how brilliant the students were and thanks them all and the staff who went along, for making it such a memorable trip.