Under 16s vote in GE2017!

Voting in our mock election has been taking place all week during tutor time and it will be interesting to see how the results compare to the real election taking place on Thursday 8 June.

Some of the students have also been learning about democracies around the world during assemblies and how an election is run.

Ballot papersMel Colmer, Lead house tutor for Voyager said: “Students have been discussing manifestos during tutor time and debating which policies are best. This vote will give them a taste of what’s to come when some of them vote for the first time in the next general election.”

For the actual election, students were given a ballot paper with a list of political parties on it, just as they will in a real poll. They put their cross against the party they supported and placed the paper in the box.

VoteDuring Thursday, the ballot papers were tallied and the results indicated that the majority of students voted for Labour with 318 votes.  Conservative were second with 210 votes, Liberal Democrats with 70, the Green Party with 12 and UKIP with 9.  There were 25 spoiled papers and a total of 644 recorded votes.

It will be interesting to see how the real election matches up with the results from our students!

Table showing the breakdown of the results

  Apollo Phoenix Pioneer Voyager RESULTS
Labour 71 89 81 77 318
Conservative 49 47 47 67 210
Liberal Demoncrats 15 19 12 24 70
Green Party 3 9 0 0 12
UKIP 6 0 0 3 9
Spoilt ballot 19 Unknown Unknown 6 25
        Total votes: 644
  Winning Party: Labour with 318 votes