Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is a sum of money the school receives for each student who is either in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) or who has been in receipt of them in the past.

Nationally, the statistics show that students who are in receipt of Pupil Premium do less well than their peers in external exams. The aim of this money is to try to close that attainment gap.

Heart of England has relatively few students who are in receipt of FSM when compared to other schools. We exist to create futures for all and view each student as a unique individual entitled to the same quality of education experience, in and beyond the classroom.

We are required to publish how much Pupil Premium money we receive and how we have chosen to spend it. We are also required to publish the results for students in receipt of FSM compared with their peers.


  • 2015-16 £134, 900
  • 2014-15 £117, 810
  • 2013-14: £104,940
  • 2012-13: £72,891

Barriers to Educational Achievement

The school has identified a variety of potential barriers to achievement and seeks to use its allocation of pupil premium funding to address this.

  • Socio-economic: The school is conscious that an inherent barrier is the ability to access the variety of curriculum trips, curriculum activities and other school visits that are offered as an opportunity to contextulaise learning outside of the classroom
  • Study Resources: Having resources pertinent to individual and independent study such as calculators, study guides, dictionaries, online study platforms or, in some cases, computer technology
  • Cultural Enrichment: The opportunity to participate in enrichment opportunities that harbor skills and experiences that develop a well-rounded individual who has the opportunity to acquire and nurture a variety of talents in the arts
  • ESBD: Ensuring that social or behavioural needs are supported and refocused to ensure that school and lesson time is calm and productive leading to the best possible attainment
  • Attendance: There is a clear and evident case that in order for students to make progress, their levels of attendance needs to be of the highest possible standard for all students.  The school has identified that the attendance of Pupil Premium students is not as high as their peers

What do we spend the money on?

  • Small group teaching of maths and English through ATLAS
  • Pastoral care and support with Pastoral Managers for each House
  • Additional tuition for students where necessary
  • Staffing costs for additional ESBD and academic support and mentoring
  • Staffing costs for Educational Psychology services
  • School Attendance Officer
  • Text books and education equipment support for individual students
  • Study Support
  • Assistance with the cost of curriculum trips, curriculum activities and other school visits
  • Support with Peripatetic music lessons
  • Support for specific extra-curricular activities such as Year 8 Enrichment
  • The provision of Learning Support Assistants and ATLAS staff
  • Uniform support for individual students

Further Plans for 2016-17

At Heart of England we are conscious that reading and comprehension of the written word is essential.  It is not only our intention to develop a cultural ethos which engenders a real joy in reading for all but also to ensure that comprehension, decoding and manipulation of language for effect enables students to access the curriculum and the world around them.

In order to embed this reading culture we will use some of our pupil premium funding to assess the reading age of all students, develop and implement a coherent and far reaching intervention programme with the requisite training and resources and track the progress of those learners identified as requiring further support.

Pupil premium students will benefit as we seek to ensure that all students are able to read at an age appropriate level in line with their peers.

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How well do students in receipt of FSM achieve at Heart of England?

2016Cohort5+ E&MEBacc5+ A*-C5+ A*-G
FSM 26 42% 0 46% 87.5%
Not FSM 178 75% 28% 82% 99%
2015 Cohort 5+ E&M EBacc 5+ A*-C 5+ A*-G
FSM 21 33% 10% 48% 95%
Not FSM 194 75% 37% 80% 99%

Further Reading

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Cultural and Other Enrichment Opportunities:

Individual Tuition and Small Group Work:


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